Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Beginnings...

So.. after spending approximately the past few hours trying to come up with a blog name, I have finally settled on this one... Imagine my surprise indeed, when almost every single blog domain name had already been registered... 

'For what it's worth' - taken.  
'On the count of three' - taken. 
'Eat your heart out' - taken.  
'Over my dead body' - taken... 

It's hard work trying to come up with a name that you not only like, but one you hope not to tire of! Well, as with all things.. time will tell. I did spend almost an hour canvassing names with my friend, Sean.  It was hilarious. Sadly, with names such as 'Eat. Pray. Lust' many were taken, and the others were predictably too inappropriate for such a forum! 

So, like any other ordinary student, staying in on a Saturday night, faced with the pressure of looming exams and remaining in on a Saturday night, I decided it was as good a time as any to start up a blog.  A nice little distraction to get me on the long and windy road to fame.  A shameless self-promotion, if you will! I can't believe I've another birthday just around the corner and I'm still not famous.  Not even 15 minutes! Carpe Diem!  Now... what to blog about... 

Five minutes later... as I search for inspiration and try to come up with some ideas - mostly the everyday mundane, I am listening to the Beatle's - Abbey Road, trying to keep my mind off the fact that I think my nose may be suffering from a touch of frost. Yes, winter in Lismore has proven to be a lot more chilly than one would think! The past week has seen me fielding weather complaints from Melbourne-ites who are genuinely shocked when I tell them that every night this week, I have been getting around the house in ugg boots, layer upon layer of long sleeve tops and jackets, wrapped in a Kashmiri shawl with a Tibetan yak beanie, complete with ear muffs, on my head!  Quite simply, the houses in these so-called warmer climes are not set up for winter.  The walls that keep the warm air in and the cool air out are paper thin. Not to mention the wall to wall windows that overlook the magnificent views of the distant hills.  I guess you can't have it all.

I am actually counting down the days till I return to Melbourne after exams for a few weeks of ducted heating and thick woolly black coats and gloves.  I have so many books and movies to catch up, and I just finished watching the first season of The Wire and now have a week to watch the fourth season of Big Love.  Again, I had all semester to watch these, and for some strange reason, I join the local Video Sleazy a week and a half ago... Not so surprising... The books will have to wait till the holidays start.  I've been carrying around Fatima Bhutto's 'Songs of Blood and Sword' since I left India in December and still have not read it.  I'm quite upset actually, apparently she is in Australia this week for the Sydney Writer's Fest - I'd soooo love to attend, but alas, my Austudy budget won't extend to a mini-break in Sydney to attend a Q&A with an author of a book! It's a damn shame though.  She's gonna be brilliant.


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