Monday, 13 June 2011

Dismantling Hippy Stereotypes - This is GOLD

I am in love. That's right. Love. But not the kind you feel for your partner or other special folk in your life. This love is something else - it's my love for the Vegan Metal Chef.

Not that I love metal music per se. But I love that it is the extreme opposite of the mung bean eating, rainbow shrouded, dread-locked hippy cliche. And although I love a good pad thai, I rarely eat them on account of my allergy to eggs.

I discovered it just the other day, and every time I watch this clip, I cry laughing. Honestly, it's hilarious! This little doozy has already given me so much humour mileage.

SO - get out your Machine Head albums, get in the kitchen, and crank up the volume!


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